Pittsburgh ranks 3rd best for “15-minute city” in America

Pittsburgh’s hilly terrain, car-filled roads, and abundance of bridges can present a challenge to walkers and bicyclists trying to get from neighborhood to neighborhood, but the city might be closer to a strong walking and bicycling metropolis than expected.

A new report from moveBuddha ranks Pittsburgh third for having the greatest potential for transitioning into a “15-minute city.” A 15-minute city aims to provide everything — including education, work, health care, food, and recreation — within a 15-minute walk or bike trip.

The report created composite scores for the U.S.’s 78 largest cities based on walk and bike scores; dining, parks, and community scores; childcare density; and density of health care providers; and housing affordability…

Pittsburgh scored an overall 5.81, trailing only Miami, which scored 7.83, and San Francisco, which scored 6.10.