(Pittsburgh) Port Authority gets $100M in federal funding for Oakland-Downtown rapid transit project

Port Authority received the final financial piece it needed late Thursday to move ahead on the Bus Rapid Transit project between Oakland and Downtown Pittsburgh: $99.95 million from the Federal Transit Administration.

President Donald Trump tweeted the announcement just after 6 p.m.

“[The federal Department of Transportation] is committing $99.95 M to @PGHTransit in Pennsylvania to connect Pittsburghers to their two largest commercial employment centers through safe, quick transit service. Great things coming to a great state!,” the president tweeted.

The federal grant should complete the funding for the $225 million project to use exclusive bus lanes to improve the flow of transit between Oakland and Downtown. The authority has been developing plans for more than five years and Allegheny County officials have said the project is so important they would have found a way to move ahead without federal funding.