Pittsburgh is getting new bike-friendly streets called Neighborways

“I talk to people all over the city, and everybody wants traffic calming,” says BikePGH Advocacy Director Eric Boerer. “It’s a pretty universal thing. People don’t like seeing cars flying past down their street.”

Neighborways are designed as vital connections in a citywide bike network, for streets located away from the main roads.

“In Pittsburgh, we have really narrow streets, and we need to be more creative than just sticking with bike lanes,” says Boerer.

“A lot of times, you might not need a bike lane, especially on a residential street that has residential parking. If you’re able to achieve the same result by just calming traffic and still providing a safe space for bicyclists to get around, it achieves the same thing.”

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for a Neighborway, but they tend to have similar features. The most common is signage, letting you know that you are on a designated Neighborway.