Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership begins survey phase of Downtown Mobility Plan with $1M grant

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) announced earlier this month a $1 million grant award from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation to help develop the Downtown Pittsburgh Mobility Plan, which will seek to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve the city’s transportation infrastructure for residents and tourists…

The mission of the Hillman Foundation is to inspire, invest in, and cultivate great ideas and initiatives for the betterment of Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. The foundation’s namesake, Henry Hillman, believed in “intelligent transportation,” the application of advanced information systems technology to improve regional traffic flow and transportation mobility, which he used as an opportunity in 2009 to fund the Traffic21 initiative at Carnegie Mellon University. The Mobility Plan echoes that need for intelligent transportation, creating a pipeline of innovation and making Pittsburgh a leading center for research, development, and smart city technology deployment, officials from the Hillman Foundation said in a statement.