Pittsburgh ‘bike bay’ turning area, traffic signal radar bicycle detection coming to Forbes, Morewood

Safety improvements are underway in a bike lane area on Forbes and Morewood avenues by the Carnegie Mellon University campus. A “bike bay” and traffic signal radar to detect the presence of bicyclists as they’re waiting to turn are all part of the safety measures.

The city has already had green painted boxes marking safe areas at bike lane intersections for cyclists intending to turn left to wait for a traffic light to turn green.

In this case, in a first for Pittsburgh, the city is carving out a spot — or “bay” — in the street for bikes to wait for their turn…

As for that bike radar being installed here at the site, Sawyer says the use of radar to trigger traffic lights for cars at Pittsburgh intersections has been around for decades. At this spot, the radar will look for bikes, as well — detecting their presence waiting for a green light signal to turn.