Pittsburgh-based investment vehicle for autonomous robotics, AI and Industry 4.0 startups launches

A new Pittsburgh-based investment vehicle has launched from an established venture studio that’s looking to land deals for startups that are using autonomous robotics, AI or other Industry 4.0-based operations.

Carnegie Capital Partners LLC, which will be managed by the Carnegie Foundry — backed by U.S. Steel Corp. and Oshkosh Corp., will serve as a special purpose vehicle to allow interested parties to invest directly into Carnegie Foundry. The Foundry itself looks to more broadly aid the development and commercialization of industry-specific solutions being created at the Carnegie Mellon University-affiliated National Robotics Engineering Center in Lawrenceville…

Carnegie Capital Partners is hoping to solicit collaboration with local investors who might be interested in helping to fund the next generation of advanced technologies. The investment vehicle is “not subject to any overhead or carried interest” and that all investor capital will go directly into Carnegie Foundry to join prior investments made by U.S. Steel and Oshkosh.