Pitt joins Carnegie Mellon, city in White House MetroLab network

The University of Pittsburgh has joined Carnegie Mellon University and the City of Pittsburgh in the MetroLab Network, a White House initiative that has created 40 city-university partnerships designed to bring innovation, analytics and data to city government.

MetroLab, part of the White House’s Smart Cities Initiative, was launched last September. In its city-university partnerships, the university serves as a research and development arm, and the city tests technologies and policies that the school develops.Pitt’s first three contributions to the network are The District Energy Initiative, a “grid of microgrids” concept within and around the city of Pittsburgh that will create a more efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem for the region; the 2nd Avenue Solar Canopy and Direct Current Microgrid and Electric Vehicle Car Charging Station, which will help Pittsburgh switch part of its fleet of vehicles from gasoline to electric power; and the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, which Pitt maintains.