Pilot project coming to I-94 next week will make it ‘world’s most sophisticated roadway’

Workers will be prepping the site before closing the left lane entirely for resurfacing worker that will reopen in November.

Working in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation, a mobility company called Cavnue will work to equip the left lane of I-94 between Belleville and Rawsonville roads with digital infrastructure that can support and connect to automated vehicles (CAV).

The proposed CAV corridor was proposed as the “world’s most sophisticated roadway” that would connect to buses, vans, shuttles, and is part of a larger plan of connecting Ann Arbor and Detroit. It will allow a mix of autonomous vehicles, traditional transit vehicles, as well as freight and personal transportation options as well.

The route was selected to include other stops along the way, like Detroit Wayne Airport, Michigan Central Station, and the University of Michigan.