Philly CIO: Smart-city initiatives can ‘help build trust in government’

technology to deliver that efficiently.

That was the takeaway from a panel of smart-city experts convened in Philly by the Knight Foundation on Tuesday, as part of its 2018 Smart Cities Forum.

During his opening remarks, Knight Foundation CEO Alberto Ibargüen announced the nonprofit would infuse $5 million into self-driving vehicle initiatives across five cities: Pittsburgh, Pa., Detroit, Mich., Miami, San Jose, Calif., and Long Beach, Calif.

In Philly, though, Wheeler said access to autonomous vehicles in public transit might not be as top-of-mind for citizens. Rather, they might be more concerned with access to reliable transportation.

With backing from the Knight foundation, the City of Philadelphia has been working since last year to lay out its roadmap for smart-city technology. For Wheeler, the lasting impact of these tools lies in connecting local government to its citizens.