Philadelphia tests new technology to prevent delivery drivers from parking illegally

The city’s transportation authorities have set goals to better manage curb spaces and update fines and tolls to reflect today’s parking clashes. The latest initiative is a request for proposal for smart zones issued last month, testing technology that allows cities to digitally map curb spaces and create reservation-based loading zones.

Philly’s Smart Loading Zone Pilot Project will test the use of five software applications aimed at making loading activities more efficient and user-friendly, according to the RFP.

The pilot will start in March 2022 and will end a year later.

“We are open to working with companies that can bring some big data approaches to manage this,” Puchalsky said. “For example, if you are a shipper, you may have information about available spots and may be able to book those spots in advance in that area, which allows you to plan your route.”