Philadelphia still 15 years out from fully modernized traffic system

While Philadelphia has received millions of dollars over the last year in grants and capital funds to upgrade its intersection traffic control system — and has been working on integrating it with an intelligent transportation system for more than a decade — the city says it’s still at least 15 years out from completing the modernization project.

On Friday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that $14.5 million generated by the state’s Automated Speed Enforcement grant program would go to four projects — but only $1.5 million of that is going towards upgrading Philadelphia’s traffic control systems and integrating them with an intelligent transportation system.

There are other funding sources, too, but despite the money being thrown at the effort to build out both a network and centralized control operation for the signals, progress has been slow.

According to the city’s 2022 ASE grant application, only half of Philadelphia’s 3,000 traffic signals controllers have been upgraded with ability to connect to the city’s network.