PGH: You’ve Been Riding in Self-Driving Ubers for a Year. Here’s What Peduto Wants to See in Year 2.

So what would Peduto like to see from the autonomous vehicle industry in the next year?

  • A focus on first mile, last mile strategy to increase mobility, by helping people get from their homes to public transit and then from public transit to their destination.
  • Partnerships between the companies and public transportation
  • A continued investment to bring “hundreds more jobs and hundreds of millions of additional investment in the next year.”
  • Partnerships between Pittsburgh and cities like San Fransisco, Oakland, Austin and Detroit, as well as cities overseas like Oslo, Norway and cities in Singapore

“Seeing what we’ve been able to do over the course of the year, I’m optimistic that there will be a positive outcome,” Peduto said. “But it’s not going to happen in a year or two, it’s going to take some time.”