Pennsylvanians are still uncomfortable sharing the road with self-driving vehicles, poll finds

Pennsylvanians aren’t happy about the idea of sharing the road with self-driving vehicles, according to results the New York-based bipartisan polling firm RABA Research released Thursday.

When asked how “comfortable” they are sharing the road with “highly automated, driverless vehicles,” over half of respondents said they were either “somewhat uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable” with the idea.

The poll results come just a few months after lawmakers in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow autonomous vehicle companies to test their cars on public roads without a human in the car to take over in case of emergency…

PennDOT research conducted this year found that Pennsylvanians who are closer in proximity to autonomous vehicles are more likely to approve of them. That means people in Pittsburgh, the state’s autonomous hub, approve more of driverless cars than people elsewhere in the state. Thirty-one percent of Pittsburghers PennDOT polled held a “very positive” opinion of autonomous vehicles.