Pennsylvania: At the Forefront of the Transportation Technology Revolution

Pennsylvania’s leading role in the vehicle automation arena does not come out of the blue. Our great research universities, notably Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania and Penn State, have been seedbeds of innovation. In fact, the world’s very first autonomous vehicle, a little six-wheeled character called the “Terregator,” was built at Carnegie Mellon in the 1980s. 

While PennDOT has been involved with these innovations for many years, 2016 marked a milestone with the formation of the Autonomous Vehicle Policy Task Force. Comprised of diverse stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and advocacy organizations, the task force operates as a collaborative, consensus-seeking group of experts who make recommendations for proper HAV on-road testing to balance innovation and safety. PennDOT also is working closely with legislators and their staff on both sides of the aisle to craft new law that will safely promote HAV testing on Pennsylvania roadways.