PennDOT Aims To Deploy Work Zone Reservation System

Doug Tomlinson, PennDOT’s highway safety and traffic operations chief, explained in a blog post that his agency’s “Lane Reservation System” would function much like the “OpenTable” online reservation system for restaurants. For example, if a table is not available at 7 pm on a Saturday evening, the system provides other options, such as a 4:30 pm or 9 pm table reservation.

He said PennDOT’s Lane Reservation System – expected to go live in 2022 – would function in a similar fashion for making work zone reservations. If a work crew wants to reserve a lane on Interstate 76 near King of Prussia at 5 pm on a Thursday night, they will find no reservation options are available. However, they will be able to make a reservation to perform that roadwork during off-peak hours as defined within the system.