Peduto Administration Wants To Get Rid Of ‘Dumb’ Street Lights

The Peduto administration wants to connect all of Pittsburgh’s roughly 40,000 street lights to the internet, which it says will save money and energy…

“By having that connection to the internet we’re going to be able to evaluate and actually meter that light,” said Pazuchanics. “We expect that there is savings as of result, just of knowing precisely how much energy is actually being used.”

To protect the smart lights from hackers, the city has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University. But Laura Meixell, assistant director in the city’s department of innovation and preformance, wouldn’t go into too much detail.

“We are pretty confident … that we can build a secure system,” said Meixell. “We have vetted that technology … to be able to understand that what we’re getting is best in class.”