Peduto administration pushed modern private transportation, development that hurt public transit, study says

Pittsburgh has concentrated too much on innovative transportation options that benefit higher-income residents instead of meeting the needs of those who need public transit the most, a study released Thursday by Pittsburghers for Public Transit said.

Under former Mayor Bill Peduto, the study said, the city concentrated on services such as ride-sharing, Zip cars and scooters, which often are too expensive for low-income users. Even the Healthy Ride shared bicycle program has many of its stations outside of low-income areas, the study said.

That’s because the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective established under Mr. Peduto hasn’t followed its own goal of encouraging “universal basic mobility,” the study said…

The 25-page study, “Mobility For Who? Rebuilding Bridges to Transportation Justice,” was performed by Tech4Society, a student group at Carnegie Mellon University that supports civic organizations, and PPT. They hosted an hour-long panel discussion after its release.