Pedal Your Bedroom Everywhere With An E-Bike That Carries Your Housing Needs

The GoLo GoCamp, created by Felvobike Technology, is a solar-powered, electrically-assisted bike that puts glamping onto wheels.

The camper can fit a stunning list of things on its back, including a 33 by 86-inch bed, a dining table, storage, and even a fridge. When parked, it can extend its canopy, and a table can be pulled out for its user to enjoy a meal outdoors while the sun sets.

And for the digital nomad ever ready for their next adventure, feel free to work on the road, as GoCamp comes with lightning and USB ports.
The camper is only 34 inches wide and 117.3 inches long, allowing travelers to navigate down narrow pathways. It has a 400-watt solar system on its roof that keeps the bike’s 1,000 Wh battery, and refrigerator charged up.