Partially Automated Trucks to Be Tested in Ohio, Indiana

Ohio and Indiana have agreed to test partially automated trucks on a 166-mile stretch of Interstate 70, testing that could begin as early as October.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and DriveOhio — an Ohio government organization focused on refining “smart mobility technology” — are rolling out a four-year, $8 million plan to bring the partially automated semi-trucks to roads in both states.

That will include testing on I-70 in the Dayton and Springfield regions.

These are not self-driving vehicles, a DriveOhio director said.

“A professional driver will be always at the wheel in each vehicle, so the term ‘self-driving’ is not accurate,” said Breanna Badanes, managing director of communication and policy for DriveOhio. “These vehicles cannot drive themselves.”

The project aims to advance truck automation in the logistics industry by integrating these technologies into truck fleets’ daily freight-hauling operations, Badanes told this news outlet Wednesday.