Pairing Self-Driving Cars With Autonomous Drones For Faster Fast Food Delivery

Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it is an autonomous drone. Not just any autonomous drone, but one carrying a freshly cooked juicy hamburger and some mouth-watering crispy French fries.

Meanwhile, please look down there at the road below, is it a speeding locomotive, no, it’s a self-driving driverless car that is going to be the landing pad for the fast food-carrying driverless drone.

I’ve now described for you the approach being tested by several major companies that are embarking upon speeding up the delivery of fast food to your home or business. The idea is that the fast food restaurant cooks your requested meal, they then place it into an autonomous drone, the drone flies rapidly to an autonomous car that is nearby your home or business, lands on the autonomous car, and the autonomous car then finishes the delivery journey by driving up to your door.