Painting On City Streets Can Impact Traffic Safety, Good Or Bad, For Human Drivers And For AI Self-Driving Cars

We might reasonably assume that the AI if properly devised will be able to generally contend with the added painted markings on roadway surfaces.

There is an added twist though.

Since we are going to have a mixture of both human-driven cars and AI self-driving cars, likely for decades to come, if the human drivers are kilter over the painted surfaces and opt to drive recklessly or without proper attention, there is a heightened chance that the self-driving car could ram into such a vehicle or that a human-driven car might ram into a self-driving car.

In any case, one does wonder that if AI progresses sufficiently, will it one day be driving along and upon detecting a painted art mural or a painted block letters message be able to robustly “understand” what it is, and maybe engage the passengers in a thought-provoking dialogue about the meaning and substance of the painted roadway aspects?