OX Proposes To Offer Clean Mobility To Everyone, Everywhere

The flat-pack truck dumped a diesel engine to embrace electric mobility…

If you are not familiar with the OX, we’ll tell you more about it. Murray started developing his flat-pack truck in 2013 and presented it in September 2016. It was called a flat-pack truck because it came in two big packs: one for the powertrain and the other for the rest of the vehicle. While a 40-foot container can only carry two assembled vehicles, it can carry six OX packs. That made it cheaper to transport.

The plan was that when its customers received it, they could assemble it in 5.4 hours with the help of two friends like an Ikea piece of furniture – but Murray said the manual for assembling the OX was way better. Someone without assistance could take about 12 hours to put it together.