Osaka rolls out demonstrator smart lighting project

Japanese city Osaka has announced the rolling out of a concept demonstration of a smart city lighting solution in partnership with MinebeaMitsumi.

The demonstration experiment under the auspices of the “People’s Living Lab” is backed by the Osaka Prefectural Government, the Osaka City Government and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For the trial, MinebeaMitsumi has deployed streetlights with sensors that can monitor surrounding environmental conditions including wind speed/direction, temperature/humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, illumination, UV and vehicle acceleration on six roads managed by Osaka Prefecture.

The level of illuminance of the LED streetlights are centrally controlled wirelessly and they also collect surrounding environmental data. According to MinebeaMitsumi, by utilising the collected data, Osaka Prefecture can immediately check the weather conditions (temperature, wind speed) of the prefectural roads in mountainous and coastal areas that it manages.