Options for Deploying Last-Mile Delivery Robotics Systems

Companies large and small are grappling with ways to become more efficient and provide outstanding customer service, while at the same time keeping their costs as low as possible. One of the costliest processes for many companies is delivery in the last-mile – and increasingly companies are pitching robotics and automation options in this space.

Whether it’s a pizza delivery chain looking to deliver hot food via a self-driving car, mobile robot, or autonomous drone – or a large logistics provider looking to save money while delivering online packages within one day or on the same day – it’s clear that new challenges and opportunities exist in this space. With competition fierce for retailers and delivery firms, making the right choices for last-mile delivery can be critical.

The opportunities are enormous – a McKinsey & Co. report estimated that last-mile delivery costs amount to more than $86 billion per year. In addition, the company predicted that autonomous vehicles will make up 85% of last-mile deliveries by 2025.