Opensignal clocks New York as fastest state for 5G downloads

The state of New York has the fastest 5G download speeds, according to an Opensignal analysis looking at the 5G experience across 50 U.S. states, with other East Coast locations rounding out the top five.

New York came in at 114 Mbps, the only one to surpass the 100 Mbps benchmark. It was followed by Maryland (99.8 Mbps), New Jersey (98.3 Mbps), Virginia (92.3 Mbps) and Rhode Island (89.4 Mbps)…

“Our data therefore suggests that mobile operators have been focusing on deploying their 5G networks in highly-populated states where the vast majority of the population lives in urban areas,” wrote Opensignal in its analysis. “This means people in less populated states, or those with a significant rural population like Maine and West Virginia, will likely have to wait further before seeing 5G bridge the urban-rural mobile experience divide.”