OOIDA calls for mandatory disclosure of ADS safety reports

The continued reliance on voluntary reporting from automated driving system manufacturers is not going to cut it, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association says.

In formal comments sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month, OOIDA said that any process to advance automated technology should be met with mandatory data transparency from manufacturers.

“NHTSA must employ standards that ensure safety performance above all else,” OOIDA President Todd Spencer wrote. “Given the fact that there have already been a number of crashes involving ADS failures on our nation’s roads, NHTSA must develop standards that are based on documented research and testing data. The continued reliance on voluntary safety reporting from ADS manufacturers will not effectively build trust, acceptance, and confidence in testing and deployment of these systems.”

In December, NHTSA published a notice looking at the development of a framework for Automated Driving System safety.