One Year Update on Columbus’ Smart City Challenge Win

In 12 months city leaders have leveraged that first $50 million into more than $500 million in investments from private and public sector partnerships. Between grants and local matching, Smart Columbus is well on its way to start turning Columbus into the testing ground for technology-intelligent transportation systems that would soon mean big things for central Ohio from autonomous vehicles to electric cars.

“Our journey to being smart starts with transportation,” Jordan Davis, the Director of Smart Cities in Columbus said. “Using data and technology to improve people’s lives.” Davis and her team have been focused on organizing a team and building for what’s next when it comes to moving you from here to there, faster, cheaper and safer, “We have been talking with every automotive manufacturing company on what they are doing in innovation and what they would be willing to bring to Columbus,” Davis said.

Immediate changes we will soon start seeing are more electric car charging stations, “New apps introduced, new mobility services introduced, a lot of organizing for the future,” Davis said.