One Kentucky weigh station has cameras that can see inside your cab — but they’ll be installed in 13 more locations soon

A tech company recently shared details about its partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) to utilize the company’s “Driver Focus Camera” systems to catch in-cab violations at weigh stations.

Perceptics, a technology company focusing on vehicle identification and license plate recognition products, shared a blog post detailing their work to help KYTC monitor driver behavior through camera technology installed in a weigh station.

Perceptics installed the “Driver Focus Camera” technology at the Laurel County I-75 Northbound Weigh Station to help the Kentucky State Patrol “capture near real-time, high-resolution images of drivers as they exited the highway.”

In the six months that that the camera technology has been installed at the I-75 weigh station, it has resulted in 137 seatbelt violations as well as violations for driver cell phone use and for drivers failing to wear corrective lenses.