On making the (better) grade

Federal, state and railroad officials continue to seek more effective ways to improve and promote grade crossing safety. It’s a multipronged (and collaborative) effort — from developing awareness campaigns to analyzing data to implementing technology…

And nine out of 10 railroad-related fatalities are the result of vehicle-train crashes or pedestrian rail trespass incidents, DeAngelis said.

As communities begin to recover from the pandemic, and with more motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians on roads, some safety officials and advocates say accidents and incidents are on the rise.

In December, Progressive Railroading reached out to a range of representatives from Class Is and transit agencies to share what they’re doing to improve grade crossing safety. We asked: What are you doing to promote grade crossing awareness? What new technology is out there to help prevent crossing incidents? How are partnerships with safety organizations, state and local agencies, and other railroads helping the industry make a better grade at crossings?