NYC Traffic Cameras With Mics Are Now Ticketing Noisy Cars

A BMW M3 owner was ticketed in New York for violating the city’s Noise Code after being recorded and photographed by a new type of traffic camera that can measure the decibel levels near the roadway as a vehicle passes. These new devices can automatically issue a ticket if the car is exceeds noise thresholds. More reports indicate we could expect to see more new “noise cameras” popping up nationwide.

The ticket was issued by New York’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), posted to the Lowered Congress Facebook page and reported on by Road & Track. It instructs the owner of the car to have the allegedly noncompliant muffler repaired or replaced, and to take the vehicle to a DEP location for inspection once complete…

A $875 charge is threatened if the vehicle owner does not comply, and additional fines are threatened if the notice goes unanswered.