(NYC) DOT Will Test Out Public Parking Spots Dedicated to Car-Share

In the spring, the city plans to make 600 public parking spaces available to car-sharing companies as part of a two-year pilot project. Half of the spaces will be in municipal parking facilities and half will be on-street.
DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg announced the initiative at this morning’s City Council transportation committee hearing. Also on the agenda were two bills aimed at opening city-owned parking spots to car-sharing companies.
There are several players currently in the NYC car-share market. Two of them — Car2Go and BMW’s ReachNow –operate “point-to-point” models where users pick up and leave their cars at on-street parking spots. Two others — ZipCar and Enterprise — use a “round-trip” model that requires users to return their rental to a designated off-street parking spot.