nuScenes datasets for driverless car safety training get additions from Motional

Developers need large amounts of high-quality, annotated data to train autonomous vehicles. Motional Inc., the joint venture of Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv PLC, today announced an expansion to the nuScenes dataset for teaching such vehicles how to engage with dynamic environments. The company said the additions will help self-driving cars be safer…

nuScenes grows community collaboration
Created in 2018, nuScenes is the first publicly available dataset of its kind. nuScenes began as a collection of 1,000 urban street scenes in Boston and Singapore. These scenes, composed of millions of photos and data points collected from vehicle sensor suites, were then meticulously hand-annotated to inform driverless machine learning models.

More than 8,000 researchers have used nuScenes, and they have published over 250 scientific papers using the data. Since its launch, more than 10 new datasets have been made publicly available. The collection has helped create a thriving culture of information sharing for autonomous vehicle safety in the industry, claimed Motional.