Nuro expands Kroger driverless deliveries to Houston

In Houston, Nuro will service four zip codes — 77401, 77096, 77005, and 77025 — near two Kroger locations, one on 10306 South Post Oak Road and other off of 5150 Buffalo Speedway. Customers within range will be able to place autonomous same-day or next-day delivery orders via Kroger’s website or app seven days a week (based on slot availability) later this spring, for a flat price of $5.95.

Once an order is placed, store employees will load the groceries into one of several compartments in Nuro’s thin, stout R1, which packs a proprietary mix of laser sensors, cameras, and computers. The vehicles top out at a speed of 25 miles per hour and are fully driverless, although for now escorted by human-driven cars.

After a Nuro car arrives, customers will verify their identity with a password or form of biometric authentication and retrieve their goods. Nuro says it has successfully completed “thousands” of these deliveries to customers in Scottsdale.