Number of Autonomous Vehicle Research Facilities Growing

An example is General Motors’ recent announcement that it will spend $14 million on a new autonomous vehicle research and development facility, to be opened by the end of the year, for Cruise Automation in San Francisco. GM’s announcement comes on the heels of rival Ford’s announcement that it will have a fully driverless car, without a steering wheel or pedals, in 2021. Ford, which is testing autonomous vehicles at several sites nationwide, said passengers will benefit from fully driverless cars.

GM is not the only major car company making autonomous vehicle research facility announcements. Honda said it is turning its Silicon Valley Lab into a new entity called Honda R&D Innovations, Inc.The Silicon Valley doesn’t have the market cornered on autonomous vehicle testing facilities. According to published reports, HORIBA MIRA is partnering with the United Kingdom’s Coventry University to open the Center for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research.