NoTraffic Raises $17.5M To Make Dumb Intersections Smart

In North America, NoTraffic Founder and CEO Tal Kreisler told Karen Webster, some 99 percent of traffic lights are running on old school timing plans that do little more than automate the police officer who used to stand at those intersections and wave cars through. Even worse, the vast majority aren’t connected to anything.

“So there’s no data at the intersection, no computing power. The traffic controller, which is the brain of the intersection, is still running on the same computing power computers had 40 years back,” Kreisler told Webster.

It’s a problem that NoTraffic was founded to solve, with a combined hardware-software solution designed to fit into any intersection in the world and be up and running in less than two hours. A solution that announced this week it has raised $17.5 million in Series A funding for its 21st-century traffic management platform.