NIH announces national robotics initiative awardees

Six projects have been awarded funding to develop robots that can interact and work cooperatively with people and respond to changing environments in a variety of healthcare applications, the National Institutes of Health, collaborating with three other federal agencies, announced last week. ..
Control of Powered Segmented Legs for Humanoids and Rehabilitation Robotics Current robotics that help rehabilitate gait use a set of patterns created from observations of how people walk. However, this does not allow the flexibility people needed in unstructured environments such as uneven pavement, grass, slopes, and stairs. The goal of this project is to uncover the principles behind the biomechanical design and neuromuscular control of human legs in a variety of gaits and to transfer these principles to the design and control of powered leg prostheses and robotic rehabilitation devices. Hartmut Geyer, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh.