Nicholtown rideshare program offers a lift, at lower-cost

It’s not Uber and it’s not Lyft, but there’s a new rideshare program in Greenville. It’s called Carolina RIDES+. The non-profit launched their pilot program in the Nicholtown neighborhood offering low-cost rides to people who need it most.

“People that are working 2nd shift or 3rd shift jobs have no options” said Kevin Woods Director of Operations, Southeast Transportation Service.

Woods says typically, his drivers pickup Medicare and Medicaid recipients to appointments, but lately he’s been driving people like Angeline Evans…

“It’s an average of $30 to $40 dollars coming and going both ways” she said.

That was until Carolina RIDES+ asked her to catch a ride with them.

“Anything to help me save a buck, I’m game,” said Evans.

The non-profit partners with Southeast Transportation to offer $10 to $25 dollar rides.