NHTSA Too Slow in Response to Surging Pedestrian Fatalities, Federal Watchdog Says

In its review, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office found that the rise in popularity of SUVs, high speed, and older vehicles on the road were three major factors involved in crashes that killed pedestrians. The GAO pointed out in its report that many of these factors had not been adequately addressed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal regulator for automotive safety standards…

After interviews with automakers and safety advocates, the GAO also cited AEB with pedestrian detection and better vehicle design as examples of how to save lives.

Cars that have AEB with pedestrian detection can identify a person who is unseen by the driver, then issue an alarm. If the driver fails to react quickly enough, the car can brake to avoid the person or at least reduce the severity of injuries by slowing down the car before impact.