NHTSA Hires Tesla (TSLA) Autopilot Critic as Safety Advisor; Musk Claims Bias

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Tuesday that they hired Missy Cummings as a senior safety advisor. Cummings is a former Navy fighter pilot, Duke University professor, and has been a vocal critic of Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Autopilot software. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk weighed in on the appointment via Twitter following the announcement.

“Objectively, her track record is extremely biased against Tesla,” Musk tweeted…

“It’s difficult to believe that it’s a coincidence NHTSA asked for detailed information on vehicle automation deployment and crashes from both Tesla and other companies, and then hired Missy,’’ said Phil Koopman, who studies AV safety at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. “I’d expect her to play a role in using that data to determine what safety issues, if any, need to be resolved in vehicles with Level 2 and higher automation features.”