New Yorkers can now subscribe to their very own e-bike

For $99 a month, the service, called Coast by Revel, will provide its members full access to an electric bike manufactured by New York City company Wing. Members will get the e-bike delivered right to their door, and the subscription includes maintenance for flat tires, loose chains, worn brakes, and so on. Coast by Revel also provides a lock, information on local traffic laws, tips for safe riding, and storage.

E-bikes can range from $1,500 to nearly $4,000, a steep commitment for those who may just be getting into electric biking or who want to try it out as a commuting option…

If anything on the bike breaks down, members can make a note of that through the app and maintenance will come within 24 hours. For things that can be fixed in under 10 minutes, they’ll do it on-site, and for larger jobs they’ll swap in a new bike.