New video footage shows the upcoming Jetson ONE eVTOL (briefly) taking off, and flying over water

The video shows the Jetson ONE taking off and operating with a person inside, which is refreshing to see from an eVTOL company, even at low altitudes. However, the footage also showcases how agile and light the aerial vehicle is – a huge benefit for future customers wanting to fly solo.

By folding to 90cm wide in just seconds, the Jetson ONE can fit in a van, pickup or trailer. The company told us it also has tiny wheels that can’t be seen in the video, which allow for it to be rolled by one person. Co-founder and CTO Tomasz Patan also spoke about the company’s mission, and hinted at more exciting aerial technologies to come:…

Before we see any flying cars, the company will focus on getting the Jetson ONEs it has already sold out to customers around the globe, beginning this fall. The eVTOL currently costs $92,000 and requires a $22,000 deposit.