New UTC Individual Research Project Ideas - Mobility

What is the expected timeline for this project?
Which of the following challenge(s) does your project best address under the Mobility priority (can choose more than one):
Which of the DOT strategic goals are supported by your project (can choose more than one):
More information about the goals:
Which of the following technologies/tools do you plan on using as part of your proposed project?
Examples include: Website(s) or other Internet site(s); New methodologies, technologies or techniques; Inventions, patents, and/or licenses. Other products, such as data or databases, physical collections, audio or video products, application software or NetWare, analytical models, educational aids, courses or curricula, instruments, equipment, or research material.
Impacts include any changes made to the transportation system, or its regulatory, legislative, or policy framework, resulting from research and development outputs. Examples include: Increased understanding and awareness of transportation issues; Passage of new policies, regulation, rulemaking, or legislation Increases in the body of knowledge Improved processes, technologies, techniques and skills in addressing transportation issues; Enlargement of the pool of trained transportation professionals; Adoption of new technologies, techniques or practices.
Figures. At least one figure per project idea.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.