New technology successfully assessed half of city of Savannah roadways

In any city, there’s wear and tear, but knowing where it is and how to fix it is really the key. The city of Savannah has assessed half of the city’s roadways – using an iPhone.

The city contracted the company “Roadbotics” over the summer of 2018. The company uses the new technology to asses roadway conditions in half the time and cost as before.

“When you have a network as large as ours – again we have 700 miles – how fast can we get that done so then I can get that information and make very good decisions about it?” asked Chief of Infrastructure for the city of Savannah, Heath Lloyd.

With the company “Roadbotics,” an iPhone collects data of the roadways throughout the city, and then translates the assessment into a map. This map is a firsthand visual of every roadway in Savannah, accessible anytime, anywhere.