New smart app designed to navigate urban traffic launches in Tampa

Tampa-based transportation software developer, CeVe, recently announced the launch of the CeVe app, which solves a myriad of common issues drivers face daily.

The app works with or without your smartphone navigation to provide prompts on traffic light timing, school zone, and high-capacity special events, and speed limit information. The prompts are delivered visually or by voice to help you stay focused on the road ahead.

CeVe offers convenience and peace of mind to drivers who don’t need to use navigation apps to get where they’re going, as well. “CeVe is designed to work without inputting a destination; just get in your car and drive,” Aylesworth explains…

The app currently serves drivers in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Seminole County, Florida, and Northern Virginia, but Aylesworth says they’re working on expanding areas. “Over the next couple months, we will add support for about 10 other metro areas nationwide, across five states,” he says.