New Sea-Tac program lets travelers reserve a time at airport checkpoint

So could a pilot program that debuts Tuesday at the Seattle airport.

The program, called SEA Spot Saver, seeks to streamline wait times by offering digital reservations, or “virtual queuing,” for passengers to go through the TSA screening process…

SEA Spot Saver will test two options.

The SEA Spot Saver program aims to save travelers wait time in the TSA line.
Alaska Airlines passengers can sign up for a security checkpoint appointment online up to 24 hours before their scheduled departure time or once they are in the terminal.

Passengers will receive a QR code to use at the checkpoint at their reservation time. That option is offered by Pangiam and powered by WhyLine and Copenhagen Optimization…

The second option, operated by VHT, is for passengers flying on Delta Air Lines and all other carriers. This option allows passengers to book a checkpoint appointment time by scanning a QR code once they are in the terminal.