New RoadBotics president talks rapid expansion plans for the AI company

Ben Schmidt, who took the reins at RoadBotics last week from former CEO Mark DeSantis, said he has plans in place to scale the company significantly…

RoadBotics employs 50 people at its East Liberty office, and Schmidt said he expects that headcount to rise to about 60 to 75 people in the next few months. He said the company has no plans to move out of its fourth floor offices at the Beauty Shoppe coworking space.

Schmidt said RoadBotics, which currently has over 150 government clients both domestically and internationally, intends to “rapidly expand.” The company’s clients are concentrated on the East Coast, and Schmidt said he’s hoping to gain more clients across the country.

While most of the company’s customers are medium to large local governments—including in Savannah, Georgia and South Bend, Indiana— Schmidt said he wants RoadBotics to increase its small government clients and partnerships with engineering firms in the infrastructure management industry.