New ride service in Clairton, McKees Rocks a more nimble solution to low-income transportation gap

RubyRide — named after the Wizard of Oz theme “there’s no place like home” — is a locally-owned people-delivery service that sells monthly memberships for unlimited rides…

A monthly Port Authority bus pass costs $97.50 — $48.75 if you are disabled, receive Medicare or are 6 to 11 years old. The cost of Uber or Lyft would exceed the cost of Mr. Bonner’s monthly $30 RubyRide membership within a week.

The membership allows for one guest to ride along.

RubyRide differs from Uber and Lyft in more ways than price. RubyRide’s drivers are part-time, salaried staff, making $12 per hour with $5 cost reimbursements. They live in or near the communities they serve…

Mr. Marty graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in marketing and finance in 2017 and began looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity.

He was introduced by a family friend to Jeff Ericson, the friend’s new neighbor from Arizona. Mr. Ericson had started RubyRide in Phoenix and brought the idea with him.