New AV ‘User’s Guide’ to Address L3 Puzzle

When they develop cars in their pursuit of automotive autonomy, engineers guide their work based on SAE’s automated-driving Levels described in the J3016 standard. But where is the manual, or a user’s guide, that consumers can study before they make a purchasing decision and understand their responsibilities for different types of ADAS and AV models?

There’s no such book…

Phil Koopman, co-founder of Edge Case Research and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, called SAE J3016 an “engineering standard by engineers and for engineers.” While SAE Levels serve the engineering community, Koopman suggested in a newly posted blog that it’s time to examine the “Levels” from an entirely different perspective.

How about creating categories for consumers, for a change, and articulate the role and responsibilities for occupants of a self-driving car?

During an interview with EE Times, Koopman said, “I think we may be better off, with a different framework for just ordinary audiences.”