New AAA study reveals how driving changed during COVID-19 pandemic

With pandemic restrictions such as non-essential businesses closed and stay-at-home orders in place, the average number of trips for all transportation dropped 40% in April of 2020, the AAA’s 2020 New American Driving Survey found.

For the second half of 2020, daily trips in all transportation categories increased slightly, but still remained lower than the 2019 numbers.

On top of that, daily personal car drips dropped a whopping 45%.

On the other end of the spectrum, the percentage of people who stayed in the same place all day used to range between 9-14% but hit 26% in April 2020. Like most of the other findings, the percentage normalized a little but stabilized at a higher rate than before the pandemic…

The utilization of transit, taxi, and rideshare services also greatly decreased in April 2020. The proportion of people who reported using these services dropped from 5.5% pre-pandemic to 1.7%, and then later rebounded slightly and stayed constant at 2.4%.