NAWA Racer e-motorbike dynamic prototype revealed, featuring the world’s first ‘hybrid’ battery system

NAWA Technologies (NAWA) has revealed the first fully rideable prototype of its NAWA Racer electric motorbike at the world’s biggest two-wheeled show, EICMA 2021 in Milan.

First unveiled in concept form at CES 2020, NAWA has joined forces with expert technical partners to rapidly accelerate development of the revolutionary new machine; a zero-emission motorbike that illustrates how NAWA’s nano-based ultracapacitors, called NAWACap, can be applied to a real-world electric vehicle powertrain, by combining them with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a ‘hybrid’ battery system.

Optimising both energy sources, the innovation opens up new possibilities for all e-powertrains, greatly improving efficiency, reducing charging times and extending entire system life. Entirely modular and scale-able, the system is applicable to any electric vehicle and can reduce the size of the lithium-ion battery by up to half, or extend the range by up to double – or a combination in between.